100 gráficas perfectas que no puedes perderte

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Hoy no vale la pena escribir nada, solo disfrutar de la dirección de arte

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REDO Caricaturista – Sobre el proceso creativo

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Les dejo unas fotografías de los procesos de algunas ilustraciones con la técnica de puntillismo y tinta. Esto con el fin de compartir con todos la alegría de crear imágenes. Algo que me apasiona en exceso y disfruto mucho en hacerlo. Se puede apreciar la metodología de cada ilustración, en lo particular considero que parte fundamental de las creaciones está en el dibujo, si el dibujo no está bien realizado por más esfuerzo técnico que exista algo se verá raro. Los invito a dibujar, siempre que tengas tiempo- dibuja algo.  Ojalá les agrade.







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La agencia YOKE de Australia y sus diseños innovadores para el banco NAB

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Fantasyland with a Twist: The World of Sarah Goodreau

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Enter one of the dreamy landscapes in Sarah Goodreau’s illustrations and you might find yourself face to face with a lion that breathes fire, a frog that speaks in clouds, or drunk giants having a party at night. Sarah — an artist based in London, England — tells us about her art, inspiration, and consistent blogging habit.

Where does your inspiration come from? How do you strike a balance between playful yet mysterious?

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Sarah Goodreau.
Sarah Goodreau.

I love storytelling and that is where most of my inspiration comes from. I like to sit and think about things, so most of what I draw comes from my mind. I also like to keep a good bit of humor involved, which adds most of the playfulness in my illustrations.

I’ve been illustrating for such a long time that everything has evolved naturally to where it is now. I have always loved drawing people and animals the most, and getting a little weird with it has been my favorite thing to do. I really enjoy strangeness.

"Stare Down"
Stare down.”

What’s your process from idea to finished illustration?

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I spend the mornings sketching out a few ideas and when one speaks to me, I’ll bring it into the computer. I use Photoshop to finish the illustration. I’ve been doing it this way for such a long time that it’s become a very streamlined process. Usually, I can go from a sketch to a posted image on my blog in a day.

HHe spotted the spotted unicorn."
He spotted the spotted unicorn.”

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

When I’m not blogging, I write and work on little pet projects. My goal is to write and illustrate my own books. I also work with my partner on little animations, which is mostly for fun. You can see them at wizardfingers.com.


You have more than 23,000 followers (and growing) on your blog. How have you approached building your online presence, on WordPress.com and elsewhere on the web?

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I really think the biggest thing for me as far as building up a good online presence has been consistency. I try to post an illustration as often as I can. I try to get two to three illustrations on my blog a week. Of course sometimes life gets in the way, but I make a serious effort to get something new up every week.

"Still a long way to go."
Still a long way to go.”

What’s one tip you can give to an illustrator who has just signed up for a blog?

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Like I said, be consistent. A great way for illustrators starting out is to make a schedule and stick to it. That way your followers can count on you and know that you will have something new for them to see.

"What kind of dream jungle do you live in?"
What kind of dream jungle do you live in?”

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El primer día de la Comic Con arrancó con sus habituales stands de anime, comics, juegos de cartas, accesorios de icónicos personajes y novedades de todo este mundo. Los cosplayers también dijeron presente, y las fotos los invadieron, con la presencia del doble de “Bruce Willis” que se paseaba por ahí con heridas y un […]


Illustrator vs. Photoshop

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El diseñador M.A. Kather creó un proyecto sobre las diferencias entre Illustrator y Photoshop, explicado en un simple diseño minimalista. ¿Cuál es tu favorito? Nacimiento:   Primera versión:   Más usado para..   Más usado por..   El zoom:   Tablero de arte: Máscara de recorte: Selección:   Capas: Volver atrás: Área de trabajo:   Tiempo que tardan en […]