The Tom Dixon shop London

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La Anatomía Explosiva de Nychos

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Nychos, es un artista e ilustrador de Austria mundialmente conocido en la escena del street-art por su talento y estilo único. Por esto es invitando constantemente a exposiciones y galerías alrededor del mundo.


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“The waves broke and spread their waters swiftly over the shore. One after another they massed themselves and fell; the spray tossed itself back with the energy of their fall. The waves were steeped deep-blue save for a pattern of diamond-pointed light on their backs which rippled as the backs of great horses ripple with muscles as they move. The waves fell; withdrew and fell again, like the thud of a great beast stamping.” ― Virginia Woolf, The Waves

“Tsunami” Photo by Nelson Gecelter


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El primer día de la Comic Con arrancó con sus habituales stands de anime, comics, juegos de cartas, accesorios de icónicos personajes y novedades de todo este mundo. Los cosplayers también dijeron presente, y las fotos los invadieron, con la presencia del doble de “Bruce Willis” que se paseaba por ahí con heridas y un […]


Yoshinori Mizutani captures rainy Tokyo in bold, graphic photographs

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“One rainy day, I looked down on an intersection from a vantage point in a high rise – umbrelllas looked like flowers that had bloomed in a city,” says the Japanese photographer.

This striking series of images was photographed by Yoshinori Mizutani on pedestrian crossings in Shibuya and Asakusa in Tokyo. Photographing from above, the gloom and greyness we normally associate with rainy days is removed and instead the brightly coloured scenes are positively cheerful.

“Zebra crossings, umbrellas and vehicles were so beautiful and strange at the same time and looked as if they had been placed there as part of a grand visual design within the city,” says Mizutani. “The photographs were taken from a high rise with the help of ultra-telephoto zoom lenses. It was difficult to find a perfect location to shoot from. I used Google Maps – finding a right location took as long as the shooting itself.”

Mizutani has previously gained attention for another brightly coloured series of work, which features green parrots in Tokyo. His work is photographed on the street, but he uses Photoshop and artificial lighting techniques to give the images their graphic look.

“I use Photoshop in the postproduction, which is a key part of my work,” he says, “but I’ll never merge one photo to the other. I’d only adjust brightness, contrast and saturation to get the kind of an image I’m after. For instance, I photographed with a strobe light when working on Tokyo Parrots. I first didn’t use a strobe, but couldn’t capture parakeets clearly in this manner and eventually came to use a strobe light as a solution… This is the beauty of photography. You take photos every day and learn or get inspired from the photos you have taken.”

Alongside these personal series, Mizutani has also shot for brands including Panasonic and Issey Miyake. He will be showing his work in his first UK exhibition at the Webber Gallery Space in London from May 20-June 21, during Photo London.

“I came across Mizutani’s printed works at last year’s edition of Photo London and became fascinated by his refreshing and unfamiliar observations of Tokyo,” says Chantal Webber, founder and director of Webber Represents. “I am intrigued by his search for nature within an urban environment and depiction of beauty, geometry, pattern and luminosity in the everyday.

“For me, Mizutani is part of an exciting new wave of young Japanese photographers who have gained notoriety via book publishing and the internet. Social media is also playing a big part in discovering new talent and as Yoshinori’s work is so fresh and visually striking, it stands out from the crowd.”;


NY tiene el primer hotel totalmente digital

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La ciudad de Nueva York tiene el primer diseño de hotel totalmente digital y es de la marca Renaissance New Work Midtown, el cual interectuará con los huéspedes a través de enormes pantallas digitales que cubren los pasillos.

 También contará con un conserje virtual y un gran reloj led exterior que proyectará a una imagen diferente de la ciudad cada segundo.

La tecnología en la que se basa tiene la posibilidad de responder al movimiento humano, es por eso que se conseguirá una experiencia multisensorial e interactiva.

En el hotel hay obras de arte cambiantes, y la tecnología que ha sido implantada la realizó la firma de diseño digital Réalisations, que ha usado fondos de pantallas reflectantes, detectores de movimiento, proyectores y cámaras 3D.


Con la cámaras 3D se consiguieron auténticas paredes vivas en el lobby, los pasillos e incluso en el elevador, donde se podrán admirar obras de arte digitales de artistas locales, y cambiarán al gusto del huésped.

Roger Parent, presidente de Réalisations, destacó que la tecnología en tiempo real es el futuro. La firma ha trabajado para el Metropolitan Opera, el Cirque du Soleil y el One World Trade Center, entre otros.



Banana Lamps By Studio Job

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Belgian-based Studio Job created a range of seven glowing banana lamps for The Banana Show, an exhibition exploring the layered meanings held by the popular icon of visual culture. Each light is made from polished bronze base that cradles a mouth-blown glass fruit containing LED lights. Founded in 2010 by Dutch design duo Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, Studio Job is renowned for its “neo-gothic” style and often collaborates with the likes of MoMA, the V&A, Bvlgari and Viktor & Rolf. Speaking of the idea behind the exhibition, Smeets stated, “the banana is becoming a monument […] it refers to Andy Warhol – and bananas are the most popular fruit in the world.”









All images © courtesy of Studio Job


Tipos de madera

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Es la primera vez que me encuentro con estos en persona. Tipos de madera que un impresor, en su puesto dominguero del Mercado de «chácharas» de La Lagunilla, ya consciente y adaptado a los métodos de impresión digitales, las decidió vender como objetos artísticos o históricos por tenerlas en desuso. Un modo de escritura mecánica que tiene orígenes […]

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De todos es conocido que la inspiración es caprichosa y la hallamos en las cosas más dispares.

Nuestros apuntes son originados por todo aquello que despierta la atención de nuestros sentidos:


Un punto de ganchillo, una textura en un vestido, un color, la forma de una taza, el impacto visual de una bañera blanca con un fondo oscuro, una obra artística…son tantas las fuentes de inspiración que es imposible detallarlas.


Bedside table / New Baroque design / wood / residential

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El límite únicamente depende de nuestra capacidad de observación, de nuestra curiosidad y sensibilidad ante todo aquello que nos hace SENTIR.


Nuestra percepción de las cosas aumenta cuanto más la ejercitamos; aprender a mirar con creatividad añade una nueva perspectiva a nuestro trabajo.


La apreciación del detalle es un paso más del proceso creativo.



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LA HABANA>> Recordando el glamour de la Cuba pre-revolucionaria, la casa de moda francesa Chanel, realizó un espectacular e histórico desfile de modas en uno de los principales paseos de esta ciudad. El famoso y conocido ”Paseo del Prado”, se convirtió en la pasarela perfecta para “Cruise”, la última creación de Chanel que está inspirada […]